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Thoughts are Things

Some of us are aware of the mental chatter, the thoughts that push us away from or pulls us towards something, whether knowingly or unknowingly. While many aren't even aware of the difference between the "thinker" and the one witnessing the thinking. Yes, there's a difference. You are NOT your thoughts, but your thoughts are things, as in, they carry a frequency and have a relationship to your mind body connection along with your feelings. Yes, your feelings, your emotions also carry a frequency, and when the two are out of sync a dis-ease is created in the body. Thus, mind body is not seperate, as was previously thought. With that being said, when the frequencies from both our mind and our heart are in harmony, we can experience what's known as coherence aka "Flow State." Oh... what a beautiful place to be... The question then becomes... How can I get there... and that answer is simple. We need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. Learn and practice how to quiet the monkey mind to tune into presence, where our highest best self already has the answers. The hard part is staying there, it requires lots of work in the beginning to get out of auto-pilot and learn new ways to respond to triggers but it does get easier. The power is in our breath and self awareness.

If this seems like information overload, don't worry I'll be diving into all of this in future posts.

This subject is a rabbit hole for me that I can talk about for hours, so rather than infodump you in one 10pg post, I'd like to use this post as an introduction to what fascinates me, a focus point of much of my work in holistic healing. I encourage you to challenge your own perception for growth, as I have and continue to do throughout my studies and exploration of energy work and spiritual path as both a lover of science and intuitive conduit for healing. Take what resonates for you right now, and leave the rest... You might find that after some time more and more will make sense. Catching the thinker thinking, is just the beginning of becoming Self Aware, the beginnings of what some might call your Awakening... simply put Mindfulness, amidst the day to day stresses and struggle of being pulled in all different directions as we're leashed to our cell phones with immediate demands from texts, emails and pings for attention while flooded with a constant overload of digital stimulation.

You, the divine, spiritual, electromagnetic being is the real you witnessing the "thinker," the conditioned you, whose absorbed and developed your perception from your own personal human life experience and the world around you. I'd like to encourage you to "tune-in" to the essence of who you really are, before all of that conditioning, and remember you're not just here for no reason... You have Purpose. If you're unsure of what that is, Numerology and Human Design can be a helpful place to start. I'll be writing and sharing more about my passions in the neuroscience, metaphysics, the power of our mind body connection where science and spirit meet and that which we continue to discover through epigenetics, quantum physics, the collective consciousness and more. Stay Tuned.

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